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Prayer is Archangel San Miguel for protection

by angelicprayer

The spiritual energy of every human being is wonderful and totally unique. This really does not contain any mystery, as many want to see. We can all perceive, in different ways, those elements that are beyond what is evident in this physical plane, which allows us, to a certain extent (slight, moderate, or high), that we can carry out conscious and unconscious processes of Channeling of subtle energies.

Taking into account that we ourselves are a powerful source of spiritual energy, we must be aware that, in the same way, there are infinite energies, as beings of light, around us that condense, nourish, and, occasionally, adjust our vibration a little, with the purpose that all that internal power avoids generating inappropriate resonances in our environment, which not only affects those who accompany us through this transit on planet Earth, but also those beings of divine and celestial light who wish to connect with us through their various messages.

These beings of divine and celestial light mentioned are universally known as archangels and angels (in the section on Archangels and angels: companions, protectors, and intercessors you can expand information). They are sublimely magical beings who never stop being connected to us, even though not all people have the opportunity to consciously interact with them.

In this opportunity I will share with you from my experience not only what this beautiful heavenly connection has meant, but, simultaneously, I will also share how to channel them, so that you begin to enjoy the teachings, warmth, tenderness, and power more intimately. of these divine energies.

Is it possible to strengthen our bond with the archangels and angels?

Totally. Let there be no doubt about it! Because, in the first instance, each of these wonderful beings has as part of their mission or divine design, to build and nurture the communication bridge between the energies that come from the creative source and us. As I have already mentioned on another occasion, the archangels and angels are the perfect bridges that allow the free transit of God’s messages and designs for us, in the same way, they are the custodians of our prayers and multiple prayers, which they deliver directly to God with a feeling of love; these beings protect us, listen and accompany us.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that our own inner divine essence strongly attracts these energies. This means that the connection will always exist because our essence is designed to be so, so it is our duty to give that heavenly oxygen to our soul so that it can distribute all this sublime energy to each of the 7 vital bodies that make up our to be.

We can all connect with archangels and angels. Practically, we already have a lot of the code and tools programmed to make this happen, so it won’t be difficult. This should be a refreshing, joyful, and calm experience, you just have to ask for them, call them, and wish to receive them always, every day of our existence, with the nobility of our heart.

So how can we channel them?
This is a very natural process. You do not need to design an environment loaded with many details or use allegorical tools to these special winged beings. All you need to have is faith, peace of mind, and a lot of will.

To proceed it is important that you keep in mind that even if you do not handle a high spiritual level, or certain esoteric tools, or even classify yourself as a person who may not deserve this bond, you can still achieve it since these energies are waiting for you. retake that connection, just at the moment, you decide in your mind, with your actions, words, and deep desires of your soul to do so.

For this, you must address them using the best and most personal of all tools: prayer.

Asking, pleading, and requesting with love, gratitude, faith, happiness, and absolute peace are the components that structure this connection. Likewise, these elements also strengthen this union more and more. Obviously, it is fair to share that there are specific practices to be able to handle all this connection much better, and thus amplify each element more, with the intention that those talks and messages are clearer. It is essential to learn to amplify those energy or channeling skills that may already be part of you, as well as those that you can learn throughout your existence, as long as you show real will and discipline (I recommend you read my articles on The Power of esoteric discernment in a channeler and Recommendations to amplify your abilities as a channeller ).

The correct way to unite your prayer with the energy of the archangels and angels
Taking into account that these great celestial energy beings are organized in various divine hierarchies, you need to know these structures. Understanding, internalizing, and recognizing them will give you the opportunity to link your prayers and communications more precisely, whether you direct them towards a hierarchy in general,

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