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Angels need to know what the Bible says about them

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The Angels have not always existed. Job alludes that angelic choirs filled the heavens with worship to God in the creation event, “when the morning stars sang together, and all the children of God shouted for joy” ( Job 38: 7 ). Although they are spiritual beings, angels are different from the Trinity of God and possess n eternity.

A clear difference is in Nehemiah 9: 6 between the God of heaven and his creation, “You alone are the Lord, you made the heavens, the heavens of the heavens with all his army … and the army of heaven bows down before you ” Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), affectionately known as” Angelic Doctor, “was concerned throughout his writings with firmly establishing the creation and existence of angels.

According to Aquinas, one of God’s purposes in the work of creation was to display His own glory. Therefore, another way to demonstrate the perfection of the cosmos is that it reflects the inherent perfection of God. Aquino argues that since God possesses perfect intelligence and that there must be creatures within His creation that are also intelligent. He believes that angels contribute to the glory of God and bear a likeness of God in their operations as well as in their very substance.

giving more consideration to the creation of other creatures. of God.

For Augustine, the creation of angels is the subject of textual and theological speculation. He alludes to the creation angelic when examining the chapters of the book of Genesis and speculates that the creation of heaven in Genesis 1: 1 inaugurates the ex nihilo, the creation of spiritual beings while creating “light” in Genesis 1: 3 serves as the time when such creatures come to light, casting them as God’s servants, d into their discussion.

Augustine was careful d and noted that, although the creation story in Genesis does not directly mention the creation of angels, was conceivable that God created the angels before the. For Augustine, the most vital element is that the angels must be understood in a way that separates them entirely and completely from being co-eternal with the Triune God.

For example, in Colossians 1:16, Paul states, “For in Him were all things created, both in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible; whether thrones or dominions or powers.

authorities; everything has been created through Him and for É l ” ( Col. 1:16 ). A detailed study of Scripture shows that angels are created by God and that their being is derived from Him as their supreme creator.

In addition to that, God firmly established the number of angels at the precise moment of their creation ( Neh . 9: 6). In other words, God is not continually creating angels, but their existence and number were firmly established from the beginning. Scripture never indicates the exact number of angels that were created, but it often alludes to innumerable armies.

In Psalm 68:17, the psalmist identifies “the chariots of God are myriads, thousands and thousands. and thousands of thousands ”(Apoc . 5:11). Regardless of the population, we can be sure that God created a necessary number of angels to carry out His will and render appropriate worship to their creator.

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The to Angeles nor are human
While the Bible asserts that the creation of angels was made by God, it also insists that they do not exist in the same way that human beings do. For example, unlike humans, God created angels so that they would not procreate ( Matt. 22:20 ) or die.( Heb . 1:14). When Jesus appeared to his disciples between the resurrection and the ascension, He declares that the “spirit” does not have “flesh and bones” like He does (Lu c. 24:39).

In the Bible, angels are usually not visible unless God reveals them

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