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Pray for protection from the harm of any person or witch

by angelicprayer

Through this article, we will pray to break a spell or remove witchcraft from harm to another person,

we all know that magic and witchcraft are very powerful, so much so that many times the people who use them do not know how to fully master their powers. And it is for this reason that it becomes so dangerous towards people, so if we are in a critical situation where we need a prayer to break a spell or remove witchcraft from harm to another person, this is the place you were looking for.

To break witchcraft of harm to another person, use this sentence

Through this prayer, we will find the necessary help to be able to solve this witchcraft directed towards anyone.


“Oh Almighty God,

creator of all heaven,

and you touch the things known to man,

Today we thank you for one more day of life.


We thank you for keeping us,

even in his majestic grace.

throughout all of our days,

and of our whole life.


May you never abandon us at any time,

because you are a good guide,

for all of us men.


and you protect all of us who are your children,

your faithful and obedient servants,

that we take your word to everyone,

the places that need it.


Today sir we have come,

to ask for your help,

we know of all your powers,

because we are faithful,

believers in all your miracles,

and we do not need to see to know its magnificence.


For this reason and for many,

we turn to you today,

so that you can give us your help,

since we are passing,

for a situation or danger,

one of your children has been affected by witchcraft.


And you more than anyone know how difficult it is,

for man to fight the darkness,

so we ask for your hand and your intercession,

so that you free this son of yours from these evils.


And in no way return,

to go through the same problems,

since witchcraft is a power,

wicked in the wrong hands.


That they leave us with their hands,

tied on many occasions,

and without being able to do anything we turn to you, sir.


Because we know that with your hand,

you can cover and heal all wounds,

and you can undo all,

evils that your children present to us.

We ask that your divine power,

be put on top of this man,

who is a servant of yours,

and that fight and fight under your name sir.


Since he knows that only,

there is only one mighty God,

who works miracles and is the only one,

to whom we owe devotion.


For these reasons we ask you,

that you free this son of yours,

of that witchcraft spell,

you are doing harm to your body.


And that does not let me live a normal life,

as it was before,

this spell was put on,

We ask you to give him your spiritual food.

I keep eating it up inside.

Since this servant of yours needs your help,

and we will know that you do not leave badly,

his servants and his children along the way.


Deliver him lord from all kinds of evils,

and I ask you to purify it,

with your holy hands,

that this curse sent to him,

turns to dust and blows away.


We need your help today sir,

because in our,

there is no cure left,

we entrust life and soul,

of this server of yours.


since we know,

that we leave it in good hands.


We also ask you sir for your speedy recovery,

so that he goes out as cured,

and your will be done,

again both on earth and in heaven.


We thank you in advance, sir,

Because we know that you can,

fulfill our pleas.


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