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Praying earnestly for forgiveness and healing of heartache

by angelicprayer
Pray for forgiveness and healing of the heart’s pain


My, God, I believe, I worship, I believe and I love you! I apologize to those who do not believe in them, do not worship, do not believe, and do not love you!

* In the spring of 1916, the first angel was distributed to the three shepherd children of Fatima by the Angel of Peace.

Angel prayer

O Absolute Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I worship You deeply. I offer you the most precious body, blood, soul, and inity of Jesus Christ, who is present in all the dwellings of the world to avenge anger, indifference, and indifference. By the infinite qualities of Jesus’ holy heart and the immaculate heart of Magazine, I pray for the conversion of poor sinners

Distributed by the Angel of Peace at the time of receiving Angel III in October 1916.

John Paul II prays for healing and peace by the Second World

O God, the Creator of the universe, who extends your patriarchal concern to every creature and directs the events of history to salvation, when you break the resistance of mankind and acknowledge your patriarchal love in a world plagued by war and division, you are ready for our reunion. Renew the wonder of your mercy for us; Send your soul so that He can work in the intimacy of the heart, so that enemies may begin a dialogue, so that enemies may shake hands, and people may face each other in harmony. Let everyone commit themselves to a sincere search for true peace that will thoroughly search for all arguments, to overcome hatred, to forgive, to avenge revenge.

Times of Prayer for Healing in Sickness

# Pray for my healing in times of illness # 1

Look upon me, O LORD, with thy lovingkindness;
Let your healing hand trust in me,
May your life-giving energies flow into every cell of my body
And in the depths of my soul,
For service in your state. Amen

Pray for my healing in times of illness # 2

The spirit of peace and the central peace of this universe,
Give me such awareness of your place of residence and surroundings,
So that I may give you health, strength, and peace,
Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

Praying for the healing of others in times of illness # 3

Dear Lord, lay your hands of healing today for those who need it to restore health.
Put an incredible faith in them that you are by their side in all trials and tribulations.
Give them confidence and hope in their infinite love and mercy
Raise their spirits, allay their fears and anxieties, and lighten their burdens.
Heal their minds, bodies, and souls.
Give comfort to their loved ones and give them strength
To travel with those they love.
Give caring knowledge and skills to caregivers and healthcare workers.
Encourage them to show their love with their heart and hands.
May the healers are patient and joyful in your presence, Lord
They are waiting for the touch of your healing.
Let them work in your life. Amen

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