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Pray to be healed and blessed with past memories

by angelicprayer
Pray for healing past memories

Sometimes letting go of the past is the hardest thing a person can do.
We all have something in the past that has had a negative impact on our lives. It could be a family member, a stranger, or just a memory involved in a bad decision we made. Whatever it is, we need to put it at the feet of our good shepherd, who looks kindly on us and wishes us well.

Then God said to the prophet Jeremiah, “For I know the plans which I have prepared for you, saith the LORD, not for good, but for evil, to give you a future and hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). This alone can comfort us, but sometimes we should just let out our hearts and cry out to God, asking Him to heal us.

St. Augustine once wrote, “Belief in the past by the grace of God, the present to His love, and the future to His future.” This is certainly not an easy maximum to survive, but it is what can keep our lives moving forward.

with the hurt, we feel in praying it, but we end our prayer Praise God for His goodness towards us. Pray it slowly by inviting God into your memory and asking Him to place His healing hand over your head and heart.

Why is it so far from my call for help, from my call for pain? O my God, I call in the daytime, but you do not answer; At night, but I have no comfort yet you are enthroned as holy; You are the glory of Israel. Our fathers relied on you; They believed and you saved them. They call you and they run away; In you, they believe and are not disappointed. But I am a worm, not a human being, people hate him, people hate him. Those who see me laugh at me; They curl their lips and zeal; They nodded to me: “She trusted in the Lord that she might save him if she. Don’t stay away from me, because the problem is near, there is no one to help. Many bulls surround me; The terrible bulls of Bashan have surrounded me. My life is cut off like water; All my bones are broken. My heart has become like wax, it has melted in me. My throat is as dry as a pot; My tongue is gripping my palate; You have laid me in the dust of death. Dogs surround me. A packet of wrongdoers goes off to me. They pierced my arms and legs so I could count all my bones. They look at me and are proud; They share my clothes among them; They cast lots for my garments but Lord, you will not be far away; My strength, come quickly to help me. Deliver me from the mouth of the lion, and from the horns of the wild ox. Then will I declare thy name unto my brethren; In the assembly, I will praise you: “Praise the Lord, all you who fear him! Honor all the descendants of Jacob; honor all the descendants of Israel! He hears me when I cry out, and I will praise him in the great assembly; I will fulfill my vow before those who fear him; fulfill the poor will eat their food, and those who seek Yahweh will praise him. Enjoy life in your heart forever! the nations and they that sleep on the earth shall bow down before the LORD, and all that is bowed down to the dust shall bow down. My descendants will serve you, and future generations will be told about the Lord so that they can preach to a nation that you have yet to save.

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