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Praying for the removal of a soul from a person

by angelicprayer

This is the prayer to remove a spirit from a person and prevent the demons from coming back. The possessions of spirits in people are usually seen when people are weak of mind and spirit, this is a very dangerous circumstance that can lead to their death. So to deal with this kind of possessions one of the best things is to ask God for interception since with his powerful hand he has the power to free all souls without destiny.

Prayer that can take away spirit and prevent demons from returning

In this prayer that can remove the spirit and prevent the demons from coming back, we need to be direct and forceful in the words we are saying so that the spirit understands and leaves quickly.

and we honor your name from the earth,

you who are fair and accurate with our requests,

and that your pulse does not tremble to act

or make key decisions.


Since you are the one who knows the roads,

and in your will,

we give up our hopes and our future.


Today we ask for your powerful help,

and your powerful interception,

for this soul that is your son,

that today has been taken by the claws

of the malevolent and does not want to let go.


We ask you to help us fight,

with this lost soul that does not have its well-defined path,

and that you help him find his way again,

Wherever it goes


That you punish him for all things,

today he is passing this servant of yours,

and do not leave him peace on your grounds.


Bless us all that the day

today we are fighting,

for this soul to leave,

and keep desecrating people’s bodies

who believe in you my lord,

I know that you are fair with all your actions.


So we ask you not to continue allowing,

that this person continues to suffer as he is doing,

We ask you to face

and may you fight alongside us oh supreme father?


Give us the power to drive out this soul,

that is terrifying,

dismiss him from this world,

and never again to besiege

the body of this Christian,

nor anyone else’s.


We entrust Saint Michael the Archangel,

so that once this soul is expelled,

be sent to hell which is where he belongs.


In the same way, may it help us?

also protection at all times,

so we can help,

to this friend of ours as best we can.

On the other hand, please help us

and do not allow that at any time

fall before any kind of temptations.


We ask you to expel her

and that we never feel his presence again,

neither in this body nor in any other.


Give us all who are

today present of your protection,

and let us be,

those of us who carry the divine sword,

so that together we can fight this evil spirit.


Give us your strength lord,

so that we continue to fight at all times,

give us meaningful words,

so this spirit understands that it is not welcome,

nor will it be welcomed, at any time by anyone here.


Therefore, provide us with the forcefulness,

in our words so that in that way,

this lost soul understand once and for all,

that there is nothing more powerful,

that the interception of his hand mighty father and a good father.


in each one of us,

and we ask you not to allow any spirit,

at no time try to do the same in us,

deliver us from all traces of evil.


Since we only want

the best for all of us,

instead of forgetting me,

it also protects our families from these atrocities.


Finally with my heart in my hand

that you do not allow, at any time,

these kinds of circumstances keep happening,

in the name of the child’s father and the holy spirit.


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