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Which angel has called to help us in certain situations?

by angelicprayer

How do we call angels, and how do we know which angel is calling to help us in a specific situation?

Okay, answering the first question, it’s pretty simple. You just ask the angel for help, no need to shout, just enough to ask in your head. You might think there’s a protocol here — candles, scented sticks, oil, complex prayers (don’t make noise!). No! You can go ahead if you want with all the above, but all you really have to do is ask me to help you.

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Angels follow the universal law of request and do not intervene until you ask them. They respect your free will and the right to choose and the right to learn the lessons of your life on earth.

Lorna wrote the most beautiful and heartwarming book about Byron Angels, followed by the sequel.

If you want to know more about Angels, they are the best books I have ever read.

To enter your space you need to provide Angels with a portal of light. What do you mean? Sometimes people are so caught up in the negative energy — frustration, fear, anger. You can see with their psychological vision coming down deeper and deeper into the dense black or dark gray jelly.

Light cannot enter through it, where there is darkness, no light, and angels are basically light.

I know a lot of people around are having a hard time and screaming from the bottom of their hearts for help, but nothing is happening. They surround themselves with a layer of darkness that light cannot penetrate.

There must be a ray of light that the Angels can capture and use as a portal or access.

This ray of light can be our concrete belief and belief that no matter how much life throws us, there is always a cause and an explanation; That we love beyond measure and are well cared for; Help is always available for us.

Crossing rough patches often mean we are reaching crossroads, the turning point in our lives.

Are we ready for a change?

As we cry out from the bottom of our hearts for help we realize that there is no way back, we are truly ready to turn ourselves around and our lives are illuminated in the angels surrounded by their immense love, empathy, and id shik guidance around us.

When you ask Angels for help with deep depression, shed some light on them — such as hope, faith, love, or you are beyond reaching out to them.

Louis Hey once said: “Only when we are completely lost do we begin to search for ourselves.”

Which angels will pray for help?

We live in a lucky time when angels are roaming around the world helping and assisting us in any possible way.

Get into the habit of calling angels to do even the most trivial and simple tasks.

Busy in the kitchen? Call the cooking angel to help you — the food will taste better.

Hoovering? The hovering angel will create air to erect your stairs.

Shopping? The shopping angel will take action and transform your shopping into a pleasurable experience.

Chilling on the sofa? Call Relax Angel — and have a great time together!

You don’t need an angel name, just want a relevant work angel

Before I started writing this post, I asked Archangel Gabriel to inspire me to learn. When I work on my laptop again I go back to Allendale Gabriel and Computer Angels to save me from technical problems.

It is important to seek the help of angels when performing risky tasks.

Safety and security

Michael, the angel of protection, strength, and courage, asks you to stay with him all day to protect you, your family, your home, your car, your finances, etc.

Every morning I ask Allendale Michael to bless my day with his presence.

Also, before my shopping (being in the crowd), I mentally kept my blue protection around myself to keep my man untouched. Otherwise, I feel so tired after shopping that all my energy has been diverted a bit by the crowd.


Before you embark on your journey, always invite the powerful Arched Michael to come with you and protect you, your car, and anyone on the road, invite the driving angels to make your journey smooth and enjoyable (to avoid traffic jams, turn around) light for you Green, you have to limit your speed as soon as you pass the camera What a difference it will make you wonder!

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