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Strong prayers to remove the woman’s anger

by angelicprayer

Through this powerful prayer to remove the anger of a woman with lemon and sugar, we will make any person sweet and tender in every way, it will make their attitudes and expressions change over time, and they will allow us to know more about these people without major inconvenience. This prayer is widely used over the years, as it is very effective, and you will see the results quickly, you can use it with anyone at any time.

To remove the anger from a woman use this powerful prayer

With this powerful prayer, we can remove that bitter face and that frown at any cost, we just have to have faith.

“With the power of lemon and sugar,

today with the help of my faith,

I can take away this frown

and all the bad attitudes of this woman.


Achieving so that I can have more each day,

on the other hand, a little more wisdom and knowledge,

through these words.


I will have all the faith that I need,

to eliminate any anger that

have anyone.


I ask that through this lemon,

drain all those problems you may have,

in the same way, may your acidity turn into happiness,

to achieve peace among all

and the harmony we all need.


Through the sugar,

I intend to sweeten your life,

ridding him of all evils

that this person suffers.


Filling it with joy and happiness

so that you don’t have any more anger in your life.


Because we all must know well,

that anger does not lead to anything good,

and we would be doing a

good to this person.


I put all the hopes,

in each of my efforts to

achieve my mission.


And I firmly propose,

to that face of bitterness

go with the wind.


That I barely see the sunrise

in the mornings,

meet in your mirror with a

smile from end to end.

Cause all those smiles

they will do you very good,

another point of view.


Especially a new and better point of view,

in which he will feel comfortable.


In which it will stop filling with bitterness

to all the people,

just seeing the face.


To bring you joy and happiness

to all the people,

that cross your path.


He fully trusted that every time I

say this prayer,

I can always change a life

especially for good,

and to be able to bring that joy and happiness.


How many are these people in need of

these two things need.


I hope to fill your life with love and affection,

and that they know at all times to be able to receive it,

and give it in the same way and in the same amount.


Also for once and for all to know,

every day more a little of his life,

and thus know what are the things you prefer,

so that whenever I can take you

of joy and happiness.


Let me bring you the lemon and sugar

whenever possible,

to keep your smile like a

radiant spring sun.


And manage to be for him,

a good person appreciated in your life.


Also, let me show him,

in the same way, how to take control of your path,

and be a guide for him where he can

trust and where you can learn,

instead of walking away,

let me be with him in sad moments.


So that I can help you,

and guide him back through the

path of happiness.


I am also hopeful,

on the other hand, that he will never again come across

the anger in your life,

and you can get out of trouble.


Also with positive energy,

and new teaching in your life.


I also hope that he never knows

go out of my way,

so that at no time is

even if you feel helpless,

or he sits in solitude chasing him every moment.


He also trusted my every word,

since I know that each one of the things,

that today I’m saying I know.


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