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Spiritual prayer for reconciliation between the two

by angelicprayer
Prayer to the Archangel Saint Gabriel for the reconciliation of two people

Since ancient times, reconciliations have always been a need of human beings, with regard to peace between two people with a prayer to the Archangel Saint Gabriel for the reconciliation of two people you can reconcile with whoever you want.

Reconciliation is one of the fundamental principles that govern the angelic heart of Archangel Gabriel, that is why he is ready to listen to your prayers. For your pleas filled with genuine faith can fill their ears with love. Be strong and believe in his power.

It is time to reconcile with that person with whom you had a fight, together you and the Archangel Gabriel will be able to go along the path of the union in peace of benevolent reconciliation in God. Your prayer should be of humble request, to the Archangel Gabriel, begin by explaining the situation that afflicts you.

Honor and peace will be the blessings of reconciliation that you will receive with your prayer.
Have true faith in your mind that you will receive the help you ask for, you should know that after reciting these words the high-ranking angel will come to your aid.

But first, you will have to commit to the reconciliation that you are about to ask, remember that in order for there to be a reconciliation union, there must first be forgiveness from a pure heart, join me in reciting this Prayer to the Archangel Saint Gabriel for the reconciliation of two people.

O Holy, most holy archangel Gabriel who in the fullness, of your existence, there is space to listen to what I want to tell you, I have pain from a fight that afflicts me. Before you I come, I communicate what I feel, I think I must forgive this person with whom I want to reconcile, suddenly I have decided in my heart that I must forgive. With motivation, I come to ask you to leave space in your ears to listen, this humble request that I come to give you, the boldness of need that accompanies me on the path of reconciliation.

The boldness of your holy heart may wish to grant a request, I ask you with faith that you can assist me with the blessing of reconciliation, so I come to you to ask for your help to reconcile with this person that I have fought. For now, I have a humble heart full of love to pray for peace and reconciliation, before you come to my prayers with reverence I address you, so in my position of the humble believer in you, I beg you, please of reconciliation.

Oh, holy, holy are you, even more, archangel Gabriel, in your holiness everyone who makes you prayer be pleased, with this faith that he claimed to have in you, I show you through words, I believe in my heart that you will supply me with this need. I do not approach you with hypocrisy, because I do not want to convince you,I know well that your heart is full of deep benevolence, you rejoice in helping the afflicted who ask for your help. For this reason, I pray this prayer of reconciliation, believing that you will be, holy of my devotion for this reconciliation, Help me then to reconcile with the one who fought me. Amen.

The holy supplications are carefully listened to by Saint Gabriel the Archangel
My prayers and supplications reach your ears full of love and humility, I ask you or Gabriel to guide me along the path of union, these requests reach your heart high in the heavenly sky with burning fire. By saying these things to the high archangel Gabriel, you were able to touch his heart.

It is for that reason that I assure you that your incessant prayers were heard by him, for now, you can prepare to wait in the peace of heaven while he does the work of reconciliation.

Have faith that the actions of union and peace that you requested are taken care of promptly. Well, the archangels, it is especially Gabriel, are always ready to attend the holy prayer of every good believer. Peace be with you again, humble Christian reader, may the Archangel’s benevolence reach your heart and mind.

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