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Strong prayers to overcome fear and insecurity

by angelicprayer

This is the powerful prayer to know how to remove fears and insecurities. Fears and insecurities are problems that affect all people equally, nobody is perfect, all people have their bad moments and their best moments so there is nothing to worry about.

But to help them overcome these problems we can pray this powerful prayer will remove the fears and insecurities that we may suffer, with the help of God and our faith in being easy to achieve it.

How to combat fears and insecurities with this powerful prayer

We will ask God so that with his help, we can solve all the fears and insecurities that we currently have in us.

Holy God you are a guide

at all times for my person,

I thank you because today

and you are always my trust.


You are my secret refuge to which I

I can go at all times

that I need you the most.


I ask you to continue,

providing me with your blessings,

because by your side I have nothing to lack,

I fully trust you father of my heart.


Today I pray to ask you

help me with the problems

that I am facing today.


Well you more than anyone

knows of the problems that I suffer,

and I need your power and your interception


All these fears and insecurities

I’m going through today


since this refers to

my problems in my life.


I ask you to fill me with protection

at all times so that,

don’t feel helpless.


Well, it is with you who

I find my peace and my security,

I also ask you to cover me

under any circumstance

what can you do to me again?

insecure of myself.


Show me the ways of my father,

to be able to overcome all obstacles

and fears that arise in

my life, you are the way of

glory and path of joy.


I know everything I need today

to surpass me

at all times,

and that I can at some point

of my life to finally getaway

of these problems.


That steal the happiness of my life,

fill me with joy and hope;

free me from stress and anxiety.

Since they are the biggest problems

what I feel about not being entrusted

by your side my father.


Let me see the light at the end of the road

and realize that the world

it’s certainly not that bad.


And that all the insecurities

that I suffer are more product

of my imagination than anything else;

make me make new friends

without fear of failure.


Open the doors for me, I promise

I will not waste them in your company

for fear of failure.


I commit my life to a success

like that of no other person,

and let me look back once

have the victory in my hands.


Let me see how I’ve progressed

thanks to your help and your intervention;

also, if I ever have

the opportunity to help

to some person.


With some problems,

through which I am going through today,

give me the necessary words,

so that my words are of good help.


Good advice for her,

let me show you which

it was my story and that the best way

for all these problems is you.


Because you know which ones

are all the ailments

of each servant and believer of yours.


I thank you again

and I ask you to comply today

every one of my pleas.


Also, help me to overcome

these obstacles that are presented today

on my way and they won’t let me continue in peace.


I’ll just tell you that I trust

in your miraculous hand,

equally in your powers of intervention,

in your love for those who love you.


And I beg you today do not leave me aside

because it is you the only one

the person that I need.


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