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Happy New Year prayers for employment, business or work

by angelicprayer
the prayer for Happy New Year

We pray that your soul will lead every step of the way this New Year. We urge you to manage our decisions and make our hearts deeply interested in you. We request that you will need to open the door and close the door necessary to close. We’re asking you to help us break the stereotypes that you said “no,” “not yet,” or “wait.” We ask for help to follow you first in every dream and above all, you put in our hearts.

We ask for your wisdom to keep your strength and power constantly present in us. We pray that you will make us strong and courageous for the road ahead. Give us skills beyond what we feel capable of, let your gifts flow freely through us, so that you are honored by our lives and others are attracted to you.

We pray you to keep away from the snares and traps of temptation. When we have to run and when we have to stand on the ground we have to whisper in our hearts when you whisper in our ears.

We pray for the protection of our family and friends. We urge you to hold your hand and keep it away from the evil intentions of the enemy; You will become a barrier around us that we will be safe in your hands. We pray that you give us wisdom and insight later in the year, to understand your desires, to hear your voice, and to know your ways.

We urge you to keep our footing firm and to help keep us consistent and trustworthy. Give us the supernatural patience to take the course, not turning right or left or being easily distracted by other things that will make you want to move away from a close walk with you.

Forgive us for all the hard work we have done to be self-reliant, forget your needs, be free from your soul. Forgive us for allowing fear and anxiety to control our minds and for ruining our lives for pride and selfishness. Forgive us for not following your path and staying away from your presence.

We acknowledge new … new… new needs for you. We ask you to make everything new for next year, in our hearts, in our minds, in our lives. We pray for your freshness on us.

Strengthen your words of truth to us, help us to keep our focus on the pure and right, give us the strength to be faithful to your word. And when the enemy reminds us where we were, spreads his lies, and attacks our way, we believe that your voice is louder and stronger, you remind us that we are safe with you and your intentions and plans fail Will not We ask you to be our defender and guard behind us, keep our path clear, remove obstacles and keep covering problems Lord, lead us to your plane.

We want you to provide our needs, we want your grace and favor. We pray for your protection to keep us covered, we pray you to help us to improve and succeed in the plan you have made in our hearts. We pray that others will look after your well-being and without help can only say, “These are the blessings of the Lord.”

Help us to be known as great givers, be generous and kind, help us to look after the needs of others and not just consume ourselves.

May we be lovers of truth, may the fruit of your soul become clear in our lives – your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control.

Turn your light on us, through us, on us. We can make a difference in this world for your glory and purpose. Determine your path before us. All your plans can succeed. We can reflect on your peace and anticipate a world that desperately needs your presence and healing.

To you in this new year and forever glory and honor.

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