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How to talk sincerely with your great Guardian Angels

by angelicprayer
How to Talk to Your Angels

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Angels are all around us. They wait for our help because we have free will (our guardian angels will take action and protect us from harm. Their job is to protect us and they don’t need permission to do it).

Please be aware that angels are always and more multi-functional keys they can be with several people at once. Angels are not bound to a particular religion or a specific type of person – they help anyone who asks.

There are different types of angels.

Guardian Angels are assigned to a specific person at birth and stay with that person until he or she goes into the light.

Spiritual Angels are the guardians of angels. They are well-known angels like Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for example.

There is also an angel for something more. The names of the regular angels are not well known as the field of coins.

When asking for help, you don’t need to know which angel to call.

The Universe will always send the right angel on your behalf.
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If you want more information about different types of angels, Dorin Virtue has written many books on the subject. His book, Archangels 101, explains coins and their properties.

Talk to your angels

There are many different ways to talk to your angels. Each way is equally beneficial. The most important thing is that you choose the method that is most suitable for you.

You can tell your angels something. Nothing is too annoying or irrelevant for Angels. They love helping us.


Most of us learned to pray in our childhood – either our parents taught us or we learned in church. Prayers are a common way to seek help from creators and messengers.

When you pray, pray from your mind and you feel comfortable in any form. Your prayers are always heard.

Ask for help

Another way to get help from angels is to simply ask for help. ‘Dear angels, please help me,’ the angels are enough to come to you and help you.

Maybe you missed your keys or you need your help with the situation you are currently in or would like some guidance. If you ask, angels will find a way to help you.

Speak to yourself

You can only speak in your mind and the angels will hear you. You can chat with them, explain your concerns or ask for help.

Angels are good listeners. If you are sad, it is very comforting to talk to your angels. They take you to their loving wings and send you love and peace.

Talk out loud

You can talk to angels as loudly as you would with a good friend. Only talking to your messengers can cure it.

You can tell them something – from the fun, you had that day in things that worried you and of course what you need help with.
They are waiting for our help because we have free will (our guardian angels will take action and protect us from harm)

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