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A well-arranged prayer to Chief Minister Raphael

by angelicprayer

Glorious Archangel Saint Raphael, medicine of God, who guided Tobías on his journey to collect Gabelo’s debt, prepared a happy marriage for him and restored sight to his elderly father Tobit, guide us on the path of salvation, help us in need Make our homes happy and give us the vision of God in heaven. Lord, who gave your son Tobias as a traveling companion to Archangel Raphael, grant us the grace of always being protected by his custody and assisted by his aid.

God bless you, Holy Archangel Raphael because you are one of the seven wonderful Archangels of the Lord, who work day by day for the divine work. Guide us on the path of healing, because through you it is only God who heals. You who walked with Tobias healed Tobit, defeated Asmodeus by chaining him in Egypt, and liberated Sara, walk by my side, guide me, teach me, and reveal to me what I should do. I ask you especially, that by the wisdom that God has granted you, and appealing with all my heart to divine mercy, which is born of the Father, is expressed in the Son and is materialized in the Holy Spirit; May you lift, heal, protect and liberate (say the name of the sick person) who needs it so much. Bless especially his medications, and the doctors who assist him, so that, guided by the vivifying force of the Holy Spirit, health may live in harmony in that body,

Prayer to Archangel Uriel

Glorious Archangel Saint Uriel, I implore your continued custody to achieve peace.

Glorious Archangel Saint Uriel, wrap me in your red color and help me to be filled with your blessings of strength, courage, courage, and endurance.

My protector, grant me the grace that I request of you (make your request) if it is convenient for the good of my soul and of the whole world.

Prayer to the archangel Joel

Oh! Wise, radiant, splendid, beloved Archangel Jophiel, our minds, and hearts are eager to penetrate the unfathomable, mysterious labyrinths of
the sublime science of the knowledge of divinity, of power, of the spirit of the
Lord God who created us, who guides us. and loves us from cradle to coffin.
wisdom, free us from the threat of doubt and misunderstanding, nourish our spirit with
the indispensable share of wisdom that will lead us safely to the Eden promised to the just.

Because it is the Lord who from the wisdom and from Him comes science and good sense, with wisdom the house is built, with intelligence it is consolidated, this is science, wisdom for your soul, if you acquire it you have a future and your hope will not be frustrated, Archangel Jophiel, give us these gifts and protect those who act with justice and equity with prudence and rectitude.

Enlighten my understanding, help me to know myself, help me to have ideas of my own, to think high, to look deeply, always observe and learn from everyone.

I hear, understand, and bless all the things that I contact on this day. The infinite supplying power of each of my needs and requirements lives within me.
Within our heart is the Golden flame of illumination that reveals Truth to us. Today I make the decision to do, I quiet my mental body and I receive the exact idea that reveals the perfection in my world.
Beloved Archangel Joel: I love you, I bless you and I thank you for all that you mean for our Earth and all humanity.
Help me to receive the perfect ideas from the heart of the Father.
I thank you.

Prayers to the archangel Chamuel

To find objects, love, peace
Please guide me to find what I am looking for (select a sentence below). I know that nothing is truly lost because God is everywhere and therefore can see where each thing and each being is. Please help me find (mention what you want to find). Thank you Archangel Chamuel for your help. Amen

Choose a theme and apply it in the sentence:
·… help me find… .. (describe the lost object, tell him how it is and where you think you have lost it).
·… Help me find the love I need and deserve.
·… Help me find the peace that my soul needs to be well with myself and with others.

To ask you for help

I ask you to help me… (select a sentence below). Hear my prayers and heed my pleas in this prayer, I ask you from my heart (repeat what you asked).

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