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A prayer on how to remove a child’s panic

by angelicprayer

How can we get rid of a baby’s fright quickly? This is the prayer to God against all kinds of fear. The sleep of a baby and children, in general, is one of the most important things since when they fall asleep they will be able to rest from their day of games and grow stronger and healthier every day.

That is why through this prayer we will provide the child with extra peace of mind when it comes to living, recreating, and sleeping,

praying the prayer calmly and with pauses until it is finished or until our child falls asleep.

Prayer to scare a baby away and give him calm and peace to sleep

This sentence How to remove the fright of a baby? They can use it whenever your child is afraid or whenever he goes to sleep.

Lord God today I thank you,

for all the blessings,

that you have poured out on me.


And I hope that day by day it continues to be like this,

since you are the guide for me,

that I need in my life to

to be able to continue without stumbling,

I ask you that tonight.


My heart and that of my baby be filled with your love,

may your light fill my life, joyful my spirit,

may your presence be so pulsating,

in the two of us that we can,

feel next to sleep.


Today I feel grateful,

for having such a good and gracious God,

and that is why I leave you all,

my problems in your hands.


Today night I ask you to take care,

to my baby in every way,

to protect him from the evils of the night.


That you provide the necessary light,

for him to sit in the total,

confidence in your bed.


I ask you to cover it with your mantle,

and protect it at all times,

I also implore you to help him,

to fall asleep as quickly as possible.


So that I have all the hours,

of sleep necessary for,

rest from today,

and have the necessary energy,

to continue playing and growing

by your side my God.


I also ask you to free him,

of all the fears that my baby,

may have at night.


Well I don’t blame the night

It could get dark without you

but on a day like today he will feel,

all calm and peace

necessary to sleep.

I ask that in this baby’s dreams,

I showed him the way of good,

to clarify how it should be,

and to behave a person.


Likewise don’t allow bad dreams,

or nightmares encompass my child’s head,

so that in this way you can sleep fully.


I also ask you to protect him during the day,

so that all your dreams and

aspirations are fulfilled,

so you can play without any worry.


Get all those scares out of your head,

that my baby can have,

as he wants and should.


I beg you to give me my lord,

all understanding and wisdom,

needed that my baby needs.


To be able to carry,

all the fears that he may have,

and that together we can overcome them,

without any trace of fear.


Let your learning,

tomorrow is full,

equally, your fun is safe.


Since tonight he will sleep,

like never before,

since it will be by your side, my lord.


I thank you father because you

you are always for me,

life insurance.


You are my bundle up my sleeve

whenever I can I can trust you,

And I know that you will never leave me aside

or you will never let any of

your children are in need.


Also beloved God you who are the refuge,

safer of my children,

the comfort cloth for me,

on many occasions.


I also thank you for so many,

I will never stop thanking you.



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