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How To Pray For Luck

by angelicprayer

How To Pray For Luck:

Focus On The Positive And You Will Be Luckier In Life

How to pray for luck is the question that most people wish they knew. Some want to be able to control their luck, others wish for it to change for the better. There are a number of ways to pray for luck, though all of them require you to have some belief in the powers that be.


To begin with, if you wish to pray for luck you should always keep the lines of your prayers open. For instance, if you wish for good luck then you could dedicate one part of your prayer for luck to the good luck of the other person in your life. For example, if you were hoping for the best friend in school then you might dedicate part of your prayer to them. This will help to ensure that you get along well with them.


Always consider your actions.

If you are lucky enough to receive an invitation to a party, do what you can to take advantage of it. Many times when we are invited to parties the hosts or organizers give us a lot of freebies to attract us to their events. By giving a gift or offering to join a group will help to boost your luck. The same goes if you are invited to a holiday dinner. Offer your best shot at doing well at the event so that you can increase your chances of getting into the event in the first place.


When you pray for luck, you should not just rely on luck alone.

You should also think about the positive outcomes that you want to see for yourself and those that you love. If you are blessed with a new job or promotion, make sure that you tell your lucky significant other or godly person that you are happy about the new opportunity that you have been given. By doing this you will help to improve the outlook for the future in which you are involved.


One thing that many people forget to do is to always have positive thoughts about yourself and your future. No matter what situation you are in, you need to be thinking positively. Positive energy brings positive results. You can never let your negative energy affects your luck.


Negativity Is A Big NO – NO

One important factor in learning how to pray for luck is to remember that you must not be negative. The last thing that you want to do is to be praying for luck but be negative. This can have a negative impact on the outcome that you want to achieve. Instead of being negative and pessimistic about things, focus on the positives and be thankful for them.


Another important factor in learning how to pray for luck is to remember that you must not be too specific about the wishes that you wish. Many people tend to ask God for specific things when they are trying to get the outcome that they want. While you may be hoping for good health for yourself or another loved one, you should not request that the person’s name is put on the All Hallows’ list. Asking for luck instead of a specific person is much more beneficial. If you know exactly what you want and no matter what happens, you will be able to receive the prayer request that works for you.


Some people tend to be very lucky when it comes to relationships but when it comes to their financial affairs this can be different. For some, this can mean bringing in a large amount of money while for others it can mean losing a lot. This is why it is important that you don’t focus too much on the outcome when you are praying for luck. If you focus too much on that, you may become upset with yourself if things don’t work out the way that you hoped. When you allow luck to work in your life by being positive and remembering to be thankful, good luck will certainly come your way.

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