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Powerful prayer to remove pride and calm a person

by angelicprayer

This powerful Prayer serves to remove pride and calm a person,

since the signs of superiority in people can become annoying many times, also a weak point for people who suffer from pride may be that they have a very big ego, which sooner or later will fall on them and could affect them psychologically. We will ask God to intercede in this person and thus free him from this capital sin and continue to lead him on the path of good.

This powerful prayer to remove pride and calm can be used by family friends or relatives who suffer from this horrible sin that could lead you to bad ways.


Lord and my God,

let me thank you for all,

the aids to which he has helped me,

throughout my entire life.


Thanks to this today,

I worship you, I bless you and I love you,

follow me giving your hand at all times,

Do not allow any person,

with bad habits, I strayed from my good path,

and deliver me from all obstacles

that they can find me,

because I know what you will do the best for me.


Lord you who know,

my situation at all times,

and you know perfectly which ones,

are all the things I need the most from you.


I ask you to give me your help today,

so that together we can,

change your point of view,

that inside wants to be good.


This person suffers from one of

the deadly sins,

that does not allow you to continue,

your life being as you demand it,

being pure and free.


Since this person suffers from pride,

and their attitudes in addition to their words,

they could be hurtful to many people.


Among them I include myself,

they just want to help you

his life as a Christian.


Allow me to have all the gifts that I need,

to be able to challenge this person.


Also, make it very clear which ones,

are the truths of your state of life,

and I also ask you to serve as an intercession,

in it to help you figure it out.


Of all the things that currently

is doing wrong,

and his blindness is not there,

allowing you to see.

I ask you to sweeten your words,

so that I can never insult,

without wanting any person.


That allows you to express yourself and say all,

the things he wants with complete confidence,

make it understandable for each,

one of us his companions,

that we care about him.


Also, I ask you to try,

to change each of your attitudes,

since they can come to denigrate,

to the people around you,

for his feeling of superiority.


Make him a meek and sweet person,

that proves all things,

that he really wants to show.


Since I know

and I have seen in her eyes that she is one,

a person who just tries to be good.


And have the approval and affection,

or of all his companions,

make your eyes open,

and see once and for all,

the things you are doing wrong.


Also, let him discover,

Which is a good way,

to act like the Christian that he is.


Lord, I ask you to set me free

from all these kinds of evils and sins,

and if it is not possible to give me the strength,

to be able to fight against

of these problems.


On the other hand, I can help all these people,

that really need and require it,

of a total conversion make me wise.


To be able to understand,

in the same way, of all the needs,

of the other people that

need my help.


Also, I know and I am totally sure,

that with your help I can get,

of all these things very easily.


Likewise, since I trusted in its power,

and in all the miracles and in all

the works of mercy,

that you have done throughout,

of all people’s lives.


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