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Ways You Can Connect With God

by angelicprayer

There are many ways to connect with God. Some ways to connect with God are by going to church and being part of a ministry, praying in the Word, reading the Word of God, or in any other way, one can learn about God. Another way is through the use of prayer wheels. Prayer wheels are a method to move your thoughts from everyday life to God. I am going to talk about how to connect with God through the use of prayer wheels.


Having an idea is a good thing, but having it act without action is better. This is why so many people go to church and never take advantage of the opportunities it offers. They sit at home all day thinking about their ideas. A good way to utilize this is by using the internet, prayer wheels, and even virtual prayer wall.


Everyone is different, but there are some common ways we all connect with God. When I was younger I used to spend a lot of time daydreaming. Now, I can’t pinpoint exactly what I was thinking about, but I know I thought a lot about my high school years. I would daydream about college, meeting new people, finding a job, having kids, getting married, and the list goes on. Daydreaming can be very therapeutic. Sometimes you need to find another way to connect to God.


Some people have a hard time finding this other way. They sit down to pray and don’t see how anything else in their lives could benefit them. People need to realize that prayer is a great way to get in touch with God. It can help people deal with things in their lives that they would otherwise ignore.


The other thing prayer can do is open a person’s eyes up to their own life. If a person is struggling in some way they might not realize how many bad things around them are. Sometimes it takes someone outside of themselves to see the bigger picture. Some people will go to counseling or seek advice from others who are more experienced than they are. Sometimes they need to take that step and open up a bit to find out how to fix their problems.


Another way to help a person find God is to talk about their wants and needs. It’s easy to talk about our wants and needs when we’re alive, but when we’re gone our wants and needs tend to fade into oblivion. This doesn’t have to mean that a person doesn’t want to live a happy life; it just means that they need to find someone to show them how to get past the obstacles that they have in front of them.


You might help a person find God by asking questions. There is no one better to ask questions to than the person who has walked the walk with God. They can share their joy and experiences so that another person can find what it is that connects them to God. If a person is looking for spiritual guidance then they should know where to turn when they are ready to get honest and specific answers to their questions.


Sometimes all a person needs to do is to listen. The person needs to sit back and allow themselves to be connected to God before they can fully experience any of the great ways to connect with God. When a person is ready to hear from someone who has been where they are and gone through what they are going through they will be able to find the heart to connect. That’s when a person can find the answers that will help them grow and develop in faith and deliverance.

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