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Prayer of petitions and gratitude to the Virgin Mary

by angelicprayer

A prayer is an act in which we communicate with our Heavenly Father to converse with Him. Today I will teach you the Prayer of petitions and gratitude to the Virgin Mary. This petition prayer is also known as supplication. They are requests that include our personal needs and the needs of others.

In our requests, we ask God for any need that concerns us. For example, physical (natural), psychological, spiritual, emotional. While the prayer of thanks are the ones we use to thank God for all the things that he gives us in our day-to-day life. Next, I will leave you a very beautiful prayer to ask and thank for all things, make the prayer of request and thanks.


Thank you, Virgin Mary, thank you, God,

Your mighty hands

drew from the depths

out of the dark and they took me

into Your merciful arms.

I am grateful to be hidden in you, Jesus.

You have made me a new creation

because the previous things have happened

and the new has arrived.


I thank you that I am no longer a prisoner

condemned of Satan.


Now I am your son, bearing the distinction


of God and common heir with Jesus.

Thank you for transforming me, for the renewal

of my mind in Your precious Word,

Through you, I’m destined to win

a victor of this world.

I am not less than anyone,

But I am an original, designed by desires

loving of Your heart.

reasons to lift my head and walk.

I appreciate that you know who I am and

that I can identify with you.


Lord God almighty,

I thank you for the burning spirit

to move on

with the enemy’s attacks.

I appreciate that I can respond to each situation

in my life through dictations

of the Spirit of God.

for everything, you may need.


Your Word says: that everything I have

breath, praise the Lord.


I thank you for my desire to praise you

openly wherever you are.

Virgin mary Thanks for the privilege

to come boldly

to your throne of grace in the name of

Jesus, my Savior, and Lord.


According to Your Word,

I make my requests knowing that

You already know what I need.

Father, I ask you to renew my strength so that

can wait patiently on you.

I ask that my ears and my eyes be open

so you can see, hear,


Know and understand Your Word to

that I can walk

in obedience to Your commandments,

And share with others.

I ask you to make me be alert, awake

and attentive in Your thoughts and ways,

So that you are not easily fooled

by the enemy.

and a good administrator over everything

you have entrusted me for my consumption,

To bless others and the purpose of the Kingdom.

(name them) receive Your Son,

That they give their lives completely to Him

in full safety of the atoning blood

that He poured out on the cross.


Thank you, Father, for giving us the

prayer to get closer to You.


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