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7 Ways to Pray to Your Guardian Angel

by angelicprayer

7 Ways to Pray to Your Guardian Angel

There are many ways of praying to your guardian angel but the important thing is that you believe in them. Most people have a difficult time because they think that their guardian angels do not listen to them. I know this from personal experience and that is why I wrote this article. I want to give you 7 ways to pray to your guardian angel and at the same time, get your answer quickly.


You first have to believe that your guardian angels do exist.

There are many stories about them but as I said above, most people have a hard time with it because they do not understand the concept of an entity called an “angel”. So, make sure that you believe in them before you ask them for help. Once you believe in them, then you will see that they will listen to you when you are trying to get an answer to a prayer.


Second, you need to give thanks

This is the most important way of praying to your guardian angel. We often overlook the importance of gratitude, because we are just mortal humans and therefore, we cannot be grateful for anything that we have. When you are grateful, you acknowledge and appreciate everything that is going right or going wrong for you.


Third, you need to say a few words before you go into prayer.

This way, you can channel your energy and attention into your prayer. I know that this is very important but sometimes you become distracted and end up not saying anything at all. Therefore, just remember to say a few words before you go into prayer. This way, you will be able to direct your energy into your prayer without any problems. This is the best way of praying.


Fourth, be sincere in what you are asking from your guardian angel.

If you ask for your guardian angel to protect you from any harm, then be sincere. If you ask for them to help you get out of debt, then be sincere. Your guardian angel cannot be forced to do anything that does not conform to the instructions that are given by God. So, be honest and sincere with what you want and then ask God for His help accordingly.


Fifth, make sure that you are in the proper posture when you are praying to your guardian angel.

This is one of the best ways to pray to your guardian angel. If you are not standing in the proper posture then it is possible that you might not be focused on your prayer therefore, you might not hear your prayer properly.


Sixth, repeat your request to your angel over again.

This is probably one of the most important ways to pray to your guardian angel. You have to keep repeating your request to him or her so that he or she will become aware of your need. As this is done, the angels will surely hear your plea and will respond to it. That’s why it is important that you keep on repeating your request to your angel every day until your guardian angel answers you.


Lastly, don’t ever feel afraid to ask your guardian angel for help.

You shouldn’t be afraid to say that you need his or her help if you know that he or she can help you. You may not believe in anything that your guardian angel tells you but as long as you are sincere, the guardian angel is going to be more likely to listen to you. In case, you feel that your guardian angel is not listening to you, then you should ask him or her for help. Just be honest with your guardian angel and if you are sincere, then you will definitely get what you need.

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Rosemarie Barron August 10, 2021 - 6:52 am

Yes I believe in Angeles I know they are with me they send me signed all the time

Kofi Genoa August 10, 2021 - 7:58 am

Pls am going to do my medical exam to travel so l need my Angeles to cover me

Firoze August 10, 2021 - 4:13 pm

Your Guidence of offering prayers to our Guarding Angel is JUST RIGHT.While I very strongly believe in Their disguised help to me always,some of the tips are very very helpful.Tank You so much for your kind help.

Sathya Prakash August 11, 2021 - 3:52 pm

Thanks Amen


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