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How To Find Solace Through Prayer

by angelicprayer
The Christian faith has always been a big part of my life, I attended Sunday School and youth ministry at church. I also participated actively in prayer group while growing up. As a child, I always felt I had God’s ear and knew that He was listening to me. How To Find solace in prayer is a big part of the Christian faith, especially for those who have lost people close to them, or feel they have gone through too much pain. Sometimes as adults we need to get back in touch with how we feel after a hard days work or a trying day. Prayer for peace can help us do this. There is nothing worse than having a day like Christmas where you don’t feel so good. It is not uncommon to have negative thoughts and think that everything is going wrong. If you let these thoughts affect you daily you will end up in negativity and an empty void. It is a good thing to remember that our Lord loves us, and He gives us His promises. He says that we should ask for his favor on a daily basis. How To Find solace in prayer is to remember to ask for the favors of god. You can pray for a friend or loved one, you can pray for a lost object, health, strength, peace, etc. I know that the Christian faith has many things that people can do to help in their lives but the most important part of how to find peace is by asking from god. It is also important to find others who are going through the same things as you. They can be very supportive and understanding. When I was down and out I found strength from a lady I met in church and her father told me that he had lost his own brother to the drug. It gave me hope that I would never have to go through what he went through. When I was in need of healing I turned to God for help. Sometimes it is hard to make those around us feel better because we are burdened with our fears. Fear can blind us to see the things that need to be done to help someone else. It is time to allow god to help out. It is OK to say that you appreciate the thoughts and prayers that have been sent to you, even if you did not get an answer. You are sending your prayer to dear lord right now and believe that he will answer. How To Find solace in prayer does not mean just sitting there doing nothing. Peace comes from our hearts being filled with the love of god. We must show him that we have been forgotten and that he is our heavenly Father. Tell him that he is our protector and he will protect our hearts, minds, and bodies. The more we pray the more peace we will find inside of us. When we are at peace we do not fight with fear. When we pray the more peace we will experience. In the event that there is any trouble trying to get through the Lord will guide us through those difficulties. We can be certain that he will show us the strength to carry on. There are so many people out there who are in need of help. If you know the whereabouts of a person in trouble, give them your phone number or send them an email that will help them get through the tough times. Let them know that you are nearby and all they have to do is call you will help them. Pray for their strength and you will find peace in your heart when you remember to send a prayer to the Lord in prayer for them.

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