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How Your Prayers Can Work Miracles

by angelicprayer

Your Prayers Can Work Miracles…The title says it all. Did you ever think that what you say to the praying angel could actually have an impact on the outcome of your request? Did you know that what you say could change the circumstances of your request? Yes, that’s right. According to biblical truth, what you say can indeed work miracles through the power of god.

What is a prayer, anyway? It is defined as a brief, heartfelt prayer made with sincere desire and intent. The language used in prayer is one of love, grace and respect. When we pray, we are acknowledging our relationship with God and expressing our sincere wish for His presence. When we express our love and respect for God, we ask for His presence and ask His help in all things.

We believe that by making a genuine and sincere prayer to God, we are putting forth an honest expression of our sincere desire that God help us and lead us into all truth and deliverance.
The Bible says that when Jesus Christ was born, He went to the mother of the twins at midnight and said, “Behold, thou art consecrated to me according to the law of Moses.” Christ then went on to explain to her the meaning of what He was saying. The next morning, when the angel arrived, He had an interpreter translates for Him. The interpreter relayed to Christ that whoever enters into the presence of God will be sanctified.

If you really want to work wonders with your prayers, you need to make sure that you’re not just saying prayers that can get you into heaven, but those that can bring you back to earth again. Jesus taught that we should pray with wisdom, not with the tongue or lips. It is with wisdom that we can recognize what is happening and what needs to be done in order to bring about changes and turn things around for the better. Therefore, it is wise to follow the example of Christ and pray with discernment, not with strength, because if we pray with strength, we might pray in vain and our prayers will go unanswered.

The prevailing prayer has to be in line with the actions of the person praying. When the prayer is not in line with the actions of the person, the prayer may only be offered to get by, but it won’t have any beneficial results. The prevailing prayer is the prayer that God would be pleased to hear and respond to.

When you pray vocally, you are praying to God, not to people or things. You are praying to the one who has everything that you need, which is why we say that a devout prayer is like feeding a hungry man. When you are in prayer, your mind is focused on the object of the prayer. This means that your prayers are heartfelt, therefore your prayers will be answered.

When we pray and do so from the perspective of spirituality, we are more likely to see positive results come to us. When we are more objective and look at life objectively, we are more likely to see what is really important and what does not matter. Prayer from the perspective of spirituality is a powerful tool to use when it comes to matters of life and heart.
When we pray and focus on God and the spiritual power of God, we have the ability to turn things around and make miracles happen. When we pray and work with the spiritual power of god, there are going to be miraculous things that happen in our lives, for the Lord is omnipotent.

Remember, that it is not what you think that makes a prayer effective, but what you truly believe. When you truly believe, the things that you are saying and doing will become reality. A true believer has the attitude of humility when they pray, which is needed when we pray to the almighty. We need to humble ourselves before our heavenly Father so that we can receive whatever His will has for us. When we humble ourselves before God, our prayers will be answered and there will be miracles in our lives.

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