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Your relationship with your guardian angel will always be special to you.

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Angels are always around you. They are keeping an eye on you and leaving traces of their presence in your daily life. However, this does not mean that they will always interfere in your life without a request from you. Sometimes, they hold on to their help and wait for you to acknowledge that you need it. For example, you may be stubborn or vice versa. You may even be bitter. Why, after all, will your angels leave you? Don’t despair. Your angels have not forsaken you. They are still with you. They are just waiting for you to reach them and asking for their help. If you feel that your angels have helped less than helpers recently, consider stopping your own actions. Have you tried and actively reached out to communicate with your angels? Have you asked for their help, or are you just hoping for their steps to solve your problems while being unaware of their presence? If you haven’t done your part, start now. Use these six prayers to activate your angels and bring them heavenly guidance and help in their lives.

Call a certain angel.

Some angels have specific areas where they specialize. St. Michael Regional, for example, is known as an expert in protecting Christians from evil, temptation, and harm. For example, when you need protection, Archbishop Michael is a good angel who should be called. It can protect against physical harm or emotional or spiritual attack. The classic prayer used to call St. Michael is, “St. Michael, save us from war, save us from Satan’s wickedness and snare. Be Him, God rebukes him. We humbly pray; O Prince of the heavenly warriors, What the hell has Satan and all the evil spirits thrown into the world who wander around the world in search of soul destruction? If you are willing to reach out to him and ask for his help in stormy weather, Michael can still help protect you in those fights.

Reach out to your guardian angel.

You may have connections with different angels, but your relationship with your guardian angel will always be special. These are, in many ways, yours and yours alone. For example, you two will be spiritually close to each other. To reach your guardian angel, you can use your own prayers or use a traditional themed, pre-written prayer addressed to the guardian angels. One of the most popular versions of praying to the guardian angels is, “God is the angel of God, my guardian beloved, to whom my love promises me here, may this day be light and watch for me and rule and guide.

Find a human angel.

There is nothing wrong with people saying that they are angels at times. They could actually be a human angel or an angel in disguise. The Bible describes how no one but the spiritual Raphael once disguised himself as a human being and traveled with Tobit for weeks, noticing that no one was wrong with this stranger. Your friend who is different from everyone else and seems to be working on a more divine sound wavelength seems to be secretly not Arkingel in a sacred mission but may have their own angel wings. These are sometimes as you need them. Man is also very good at ignoring the most obvious signs from God and the angels. For example, the best person to help you is sometimes another human being or at least someone who, regardless of their true nature, seems to be nothing more than a single mortal.

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