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The best tablet of the Angelic Warfare Conference

by angelicprayer

No animal can do anything without you. Therefore, I beg you to protect the purity and holiness of my body and soul by your grace. And if I ever imagined or felt that any hat could tarnish my holiness and holiness, it could erase it, the Absolute Lord of my power, so that I could go forward with a pure heart in Your love and service and present myself on the pure altar of your God. Amen, all the days of life.

1. Grant that our society can be pure from all things contrary to chastity and that we can have the strength to resist the pressures of conventional ideals. Hail Mary…..

2. Dear Jesus, bless our relationship. Grant that they will always be holy, healthy, and honored. Hail Mary…..

3. Dear Jesus, humbly bless our efforts. Grant that we should wear curtains on how we dress and how we carry ourselves which should be veiled and give us the strength to resist the glamor of evil fashion and sin. Hail Mary…..

4. Dear Jesus, bless our five senses. The things we see, the music we hear, the jokes we eat, and the things we touch can all be pure and holy Grant “Seek the things above” (Col. 3: 1). Hail Mary…..

5. Dear Jesus, desire our sexuality. Grant that our passions may not go beyond the basic pleasures, but will be liberated by knowledge and will swell for the good. Hail Mary…..

6. Dear Jesus, the welfare of our imagination. Grant that we can be saved from our imaginations and daydreams that defile us, all unclean images are destroyed and we can be saved from all attacks by ghosts. Hail Mary…..Dear. Dear Jesus, protect our memory. Granted that no memory of past experience can bother us, but the Lord can touch and heal us through the hope of a better future. Hail Mary..

8. Dear Jesus, bless us with the power of guessing. Grant that we may soon realize the dangers of chastity, naturally escape from them, and that we can never turn away from higher and more difficult products for sinful self-indulgence. (Matt. 8:36) Mary was raised. Hail Mary…..

9. Dear Jesus, bless our affection. Grant that we love and rejoice in chastity, that all our emotions can be properly matched, and that no sadness, discouragement, fear, insecurity, or loneliness can harm our sexual sin. (Titus 2: 11-12). Hail Mary…..

10. Dear Jesus, bless our intellect. Grant that this can remove all false beliefs and all misconceptions about human sexuality and that good angel can flow our intellects with true, honorable, just, pure, loving, and compassionate thoughts. think about these things.” (Phil. 4: 6) Hail Mary…..

11. Dear Jesus, bless our will. Granted, it can never be opposed by our sensibilities, it can never cause conflict at the moment, but no matter how difficult it may be, it can hold fast to chastity. (2 Cor. 1: 19-20). Hail Mary…..

12. Dear Jesus, bless our conscience. Grant that what is pure may be quicker to judge, quicker to execute, and maybe completely saved from the advice of demons Grant “How much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without guilt to God, live to serve to cleanse your conscience from dead deeds to serve God? ” (Heb. 9:14). Hail Mary…..

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