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Make your prayer life great again – Guardian Angel

by angelicprayer
How To Ask Angels For Help

Turn your prayer life into this great stream again. This week we are going to talk about one of the three ways to deepen our prayer life. And now the day begins! That’s right. It doesnโ€™t have to be Clean Monday, Holy Thursday, or Pure Monday to start some new prayer practice.

One of the great exercises – involving your guardian angel

Because we are fighting against flesh and blood, against spirituality, not against power, not against the rulers of this present dark world, but against the spiritual power of evil in heaven.- Ephesians 6:12

This biblical verse puts life in perspective. So, no matter how angry our neighbors are, they are not our real enemies. Other We are not fighting against other people to get closer to God. Instead, we are fighting demonic forces. And it brings out the importance of our guardian angel.

Our guardian angel can really help us. In the parable of the lost sheep (Matthew 18:10) Jesus mentions the guardian angels. โ€˜We do not neglect the great mystery of the gift God has given us in our guardian angel! Guardian Angel Byzantine prayer life

What does our angel do?

First, our Angel took part in the Ine Shik Liturgy with us. And when we get to church, we can pray for our angels to pay attention to the liturgy. Above all, praising and worshiping God is the specialty of an angel! During Ine Shik Liturgy we also pray for our guardian angel (pray for an angel from God, our Lord, the Guardian of our souls and bodies). He protects our souls and our bodies.

One holy priest explained that since angels are inevitable, we can ask them to touch our brains. If we study, we can ask our angel to touch our brains during the test to help us remember something we cannot remember by our own strength. Angels can also help us suppress memories if we pray for them. This is useful because demons can touch our memories to remember our bad images/events and use them as our persuasion/torment. We need to pray aloud to the angels because the angels cannot read our thoughts. (But they can read our body language really well, which is how they can tell if a ghost is sending inspiration).

Before the operation of Our Lady of Fatima, Angel Lucia, the Guardian of Portugal, visited Jacinta and Francisco. He first taught them to pray: โ€œMy God, I believe, I caress, I hope, and I love you. I apologize for those who do not believe, do not worship, do not hope, and do not love you. Then the same angel appeared in front of the children again and offered them another prayer.

Prayer of revenge

Absolute Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
I adore you deeply,
Attend all the places in the world,
He was outraged by the revenge of anger, apostasy, and indifference.
And by the infinite qualities of his most holy heart and the pure heart of the Marines,

Byzantine Guardian Angel Prayer

Angel – Byzantine form

Guardian angel, keeper of my soul and body,
To take care of you, I have received the charge of Christ.
Forgive the sins committed by me on this day Ob
Deliver me from the snare of my enemy,
So that I may never again hurt God off by my sins.
With your help, I can become worthy of the grace and mercy of the Most Holy Trinity,
And to all the saints, Amen.

Prayer rope prayer

Holy Guardian, the angel of God, pray for me

Send an angel to worship God in Ine Swarik Liturgy

O holy angel of my side, go to Ine Shik Liturgy for me,
Stand in my place, and be precious in every grace,
In the church, where I want to stay.
And keep it as a sacrifice
Before the precious lamb.
Great location for me
And pray for everyone to hold on dear,
That the blood of Christ may cleanse the heart,
As you worship near our God.
And the priest enjoys it
Every sacred mystery
Bring the heart of Christ to rest on me
As if I were his temple.
This abandonment is heavenly

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