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How Can Prayer Boost My Health?

by angelicprayer
As Christians we are taught that prayer is important. We are also told that prayer is our daily bread. It is imperative that we remember that God has given us this precious gift of prayer to share with Him. He wants us to always pray, to be in prayer and ask for His help in every circumstance. I found out years ago when I was at the dentist that just about every ailment that I was suffering from, a quick answer from God solved them. If I had not been consistently getting prayer answered on a daily basis, I believe that I may have not have been as lucky as I was. As Christians we are constantly told to pray and to read the Bible. This is wonderful advice. What I learned though is that by daily devoting yourself to prayer you can become healthier. In this article I’m going to tell you how can prayer boost my health. One of the best ways to become healthier is to have a strong prayer life. Having a consistent prayer life can mean the difference between being healthy or being very sick. The most powerful prayer that I ever heard was given by a woman to her sister, Bridget. Bridget’s sister told Bridget that prayer was the key to healing any sickness. I found this very inspiring because having a prayer life that is consistent and strong can do wonders for your mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Many Christians don’t realize how much daily prayer lives and the power it has on their physical wellness. Prayer is one of the most powerful things that God does for us. You might be wondering how having a consistent daily prayer life can make you sick. I am going to tell you by showing you some of the many benefits of daily prayer. First, praying gives us the strength to face sickness and adversity. It gives us the motivation we need to continue to fight. It gives us a reason to be positive even when the going gets tough. A good Christian should never allow the body to succumb to pain, disease, or viruses without a constant daily prayer and meditation on how God will heal his or her body. Second, having a strong prayer life can keep the mind focused and filled with the love of God. I find it amazing how many Christians don’t really get into prayer and meditation because they’re too busy worrying about how their day is going to go. The mind needs to be constantly filled with the love of God. A person can only be a truly blessed person if he or she chooses to let go of the things they don’t like about daily life. A person can stop worrying and start loving God in order to gain a true sense of spiritual empowerment. Third, having a daily prayer life can keep one from filling the holes of despair. Depression is a serious illness that can literally disintegrate a person. Jesus told us to avoid depression as we journeyed through this life. Prayer and meditation are great tools to help one avoid filling the holes of depression. I believe that how can prayer boost my health is directly related to how much time I spend daily in prayer. When I’m not feeling well, I need to take time for Christian prayer. A person needs to find ways to fill the holes of daily depression so that he or she can feel better and can fight off sickness. Having a daily prayer life filled with inspirational messages can do wonders for your health.

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