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Which Angel Is For Protection?

by angelicprayer

It is not strange that the question, “What is the angel for protection?” is one of the most popular questions asked in prayer meetings and is one of the most important ones to ask as well. Angels are messengers of God, and they send your prayers and requests to god on your behalf. They are also our God’s guards who watch over and protect us. So, what is the role of an angel for protection?


Protection is important because it keeps bad things from coming into your life and keeps good things from going out. Without protection, we are susceptible to every enemy the world has. It is important to pray regularly so we can be protected by the presence and prayers of our heavenly Father. Even when we are not actively praying, we should still have some thoughts and words of wisdom and reflection in our minds.


Asking, “what is my guardian angel?” And knowing what our guardian angel is will help us greatly to pray and be mindful of our prayers. If we are not aware of the name or position of our guardian angel, we might be careless and not be careful about any situation or issue in our lives. We need to be mindful about who is watching over us and how we treat others because the angels that watch over us are our friends and protectors.


Your angel is your guide, protector, and helper. If we do not follow the example of our guardian angel we may get into trouble or become weak or lazy. Our Saint is our patron saint and we will receive instructions and blessings from him as long as we honor and keep his commandments.


So, what we say and do may influence how our Saint thinks and acts. We must also show gratitude to our Saint for all he has done for us. And what we refuse to do or say can negatively affect the relationship we have with our Saint or can even cause harm to our Saint. We need to show love, respect, and gratitude to our Saint or guardian angel. This can only occur if we don’t ask or don’t deserve anything in return from them.


What Are the Names of Our Beloved Angels?

Angels are beings of light and they are usually described as good and pure or as having virtue and compassion. A good example would be Michael, the angel of Protection, but if we humbly pray and invoke his name by placing our hands in the cross’s sign, we can be healed and the Lord will protect us from any negative situation that may occur. If we have a bad experience, it may only be the will of God preventing us from doing something that is against his will.


What Can We Do When We Don’t Know Who Our Beloved Lord and God Are? Sometimes we are led to pray and invoke the name of our Lord and God, but we are not sure what this means. We may think that we already know what we mean when we say this prayer but then evil one may enter our lives and render us a message that we didn’t want to hear.


May We All Have Purity and chastity! It is important to always keep in mind that our Saint or guardian angel is God’s gift to us to defend us from sin and evil. If we neglect this part of ourselves then we will never be able to protect others or ourselves. If we allow the devil to corrupt us then we will be exposed to the powers of darkness and the full might of God’s judgment. As long as we humbly pray and kneel before our patron saint, we will defend ourselves and others.

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