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Prayer For Healing – You Have God’s Will to Heal

by angelicprayer

You Have God’s Will to Heal

Sometimes, we need guidance and encouragement when it comes to requests for healing.

Find out how to pray for healing.

Finding the right Words to Pray for Healing can be a challenge, but in this article, you are about to receive healing prayer and healing guidance to help you pray for healing. We have some very special and effective prayer requests for healing in this article.


Prayer for Healing is an excellent way of asking God’s help for you and your family members who are experiencing some form of sickness or injury. It is important to remember to pray with your whole heart because you do not want any messages from God to be rejected.

Be specific and express every desire and intent that you can think of. Write everything down, even if you don’t quite know how you are going to say it. It may be beneficial to ask God for guidance or even a healing word.

Some people feel that it is important for prayer requests for healing to go through the Spirit just as if they were speaking with God directly.


Some of the most effective prayer requests for healing involve God.

The most popular prayer request for God to intercede on our behalf is “O God, you know the truth, we both believe and you should help me.” The important thing to remember is to never criticize or put God on the wrong side.

God is just concerned about our suffering and pain. If we ask Him for His help, He is more than happy to assist us in any way He can.


Some other prayer requests for God to intercede for us might be “God, you have made me well and your word is truth; heal me and give health to my flesh.” This last one in particular is a very powerful prayer for healing. The praying portion of the prayer is important here. The person must pray out loud in order for God hears her prayer.


Sometimes prayer requests for healing are very specific and might include words such as, “O God, you know I am afflicted with disease, and in pain, but you have answered me and given me peace, and wisdom to triumph in battle.” These are just a few examples and really explain the power behind this prayer. It is really up to the prayer asked to determine what words she would like to hear from God when she says her prayer request. Some might even go so far as to write down the exact words they want to say. That is certainly an option too.


When someone is sick, there is a good chance that they will not be able to articulate every little thought and therefore they will need someone who is more than capable of praying just for them.


Prayer is a very private matter and it should be.

Prayer is something that can only be spoken to God alone. When you are in pain and someone else is praying for you, your heart and mind are put into the right place and you will be able to experience the peace that God gave you.


People who are asking for someone else to do their prayers or to do special things for them should consider the fact that God has been waiting for them to be healed. He made the almighty god promise that he would heal them and this is what he has done. He said he will give them whatever it takes to be healed. When you are in prayer for another and you request that they do something for you or even ask you to do something for them, then you have prayer requests for healing.


You should consider adding the word amen in front of your prayer request in order for God to bring peace, healing hand, and wisdom to you. amen is the New Testament word foramen, which means ‘at that time.’ He made the promise at that time so that you would have the ability to read the New Testament and know that it is God’s will that you have the ability to heal. If you would like to have the ability to heal, then you should take the time to learn more about laying on hands traditions and what the bible teaches you about laying on hands.

Prayer for healing is a powerful thing and God made it very easy for you with the promises of healing.

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